Adam used the voice of his cousin Eric Green as the inspiration for the pig in Drawn Together with Adam Carolla.

Drawn Together is on Comedy Central with Adam Carolla. They show was produced as a movie and became a show.

Adam auditioned for NYPD Blue.

The Man Show is seen in 140 countries.



Adam Carolla bought the TV rites to “Where’s Waldo.”
Belonged to the “Mr. Belvedere” fan club.
Favorite comedian: Paul Lynd
Sold tile to Jerry Seinfeld.
Loves Granola, peanut butter, and apple sandwiches.
Says the greatest day in his life is when he met “Sigfried and Roy” in Palmdale.
For two weeks went to Old West College.
Very proud that he once ate dog food as a bet and was called “Alpo” in high school.
Never saw the movie “Caddy Shack.”
Turned down a guest spot on “Star Trekk: Deep Space 9” to go to Clippers game and they lost.


1. His father was a graphics designer. His most famous piece was the official logo for 60s rockers Southern Rockers, Crosby Stills and Nash.

2. Adam worked as a security guard at Burbank Airport.

3. Was a high school football star.

4. Was born in Waco, Texas.

5. Studied to be a director under Martin Scorcese at NYU's film school

6. Wrote jokes for Flipp Wilson's Vegas act.

7. Auditioned for the show "Fame."

8. Made his first commercial at the age of eight, the role of his mother was played by Gilda Radner, before her stint on SNL.

9. Trained Lou Gossit Jr. and James Woods for their boxing movie, "Diggstown."

10. Was a stage manager on Pee Wees Play House.